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Make Informed Decisions with This Deep-Dive into the American Economy and Politics. In all honesty, America is facing a dire crisis with high poverty rates and families living daily relying on welfare without a plan or the means to achieve a self-sufficient lifestyle. But we deserve better than that. We deserve to pull ourselves out of that hole and achieve independence. As a combination of a self-help and motivation book, License to Loot aims to help open its readers' eyes and show them a way out of that vicious cycle. Use this book as a guide, as it will give you all the tools you need to improve your lives and move beyond the assistance that holds them back from being the best you can be.

I will donate partial proceeds from this book to women and children who have left war-torn Ukraine for relief efforts and refuge in Poland.”

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A Tool for Personal Development

Outfoxing the Gaming Club
  • O –

    Outshining and overcoming your challenges

  • T –

    Taking charge, tireless teamwork, truthfulness

  • G –

    Greatest uncertainty is no match to the pillars of resilient responses from stress.

  • C –

    Competency and capability to conquer anything